Please pray for the following:


UMC Family

Joyce( Carole Rymers sister)

Cassie Paquette

Andrew Busch

Dave Schuhardt

Bobby Curtis ( Keep Velma and Merle in your prayers too)

Ralph Gustafson

Bonnie (friend of Janice )

Brenda Stanton

Tom Morgan

Evie Hamilton

Jarred Smith

Don Brewer

Joe Goemen

Jacob Kavicky 

Mary Lou Scadden 

Luke Herbst 

Ingrid (Mother of a Friend of Dana’s) she is having heart surgery at the end of the month

Lona & Family(Betty's friend fighting COVID)


Todd Neis Family

Those fighting Cancer: 

Susan Kienzle Stewart

Sue ( Friend of Dana's)

Wendy Hamilton (Tammy's friend) 

Audrey Waller (Tammy's Aunt)

Tom Noyce ( Tim's brother) 

Pam Wittock(Janice Morgans friend) 

Chester Smith ( Tammy's Friend)

Kay (friend of Mary Alice Muller) 

Jerry Evanoff

Erica Droessler

Mary Jean Stephens

Bob Clark (Karen Slaght nephew)

Rom Pegram Pancreatic Cancer

Diane (Barb Thornes Sister) Family