Even though we are not able to enjoy food and fellowship within the church this year, feel free to send in your donation and make yourself a pasty to enjoy(full details in the September newsletter).





Pasty Recipe



(Makes 2 pies) (Use 9” or larger pans)


2-1/2 lbs. steak, cut into small pieces


2 medium onions, chopped


8 medium-sized potatoes, sliced thin


Salt and pepper to taste


2 T. Butter or margarine




Spray pie pans with cooking spray or coat lightly with shortening.  Roll out the pastry and place the bottom crusts in pie pans.  Alternate meat and potato, onion mixture.  Season with salt and pepper.  Dot with butter or margarine before adding the top crust.  Cut a few small slits in top crust.  Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours.  Test with a toothpick to see if potatoes are done.  Cover loosely with foil for the first hour and remove foil and bake uncovered for another hour.