Pastor Carter Jorgensen



My name is Carter Jorgensen and I'm excited to be coming to Cuba City UMC. One of the most common initial remarks that I often hear when starting in a new charge, is about my age. I'll be twenty-eight this summer. Although I'm young, I'll be entering my nineth year of pastoral ministry. Ever since I was a kid, it's been a calling and passion of mine to lead in ministry. Cuba City will be the third charge that I've served. The conference has placed me in churches that have been wonderful fits, where we've been able to see incredible growth while making positive lasting impacts in our communities. I'm grateful to bring my different experiences, while learning about yours as we work together to glorify the Lord.


I grew up on a 60-head stanchion farm in Brodhead, WI. I'm no stranger to living in a smaller community that's heavily centered around agriculture. Brodhead, and the UMC located there; is where my faith journey is rooted. Growing up in the church, I was able to teach Sunday school, lead in VBS and youth group, become a lay speaker, and preach when it was needed. In the summers, I worked at the UMC camps as a counselor and was able to connect with kids from across the state. I fell in love with doing ministry. 


After high school, I went off to Central Methodist University to study religion and church leadership. When I came back, I was appointed to my first church right outside of Platteville. Whig UMC will always have a special place in my heart. After a while, it became a two-point charge with Arthur UMC. I served in this area for six years. While I was there, I was able to coach track and field for the Potosi school district. They invited me to assist with their VBS, and work with the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes students. There are some wonderful people in this area who will go the extra mile for these youth.


I was then moved up to De Soto, WI to serve a three-point charge. God has blessed this appointment. These communities have been a wonderful fit and we've grown in so many ways together. I've been able to continue coaching track while also picking up football. We started a youth group back up and have gone from just a handful of kids to a literal bus load of kids. I have a weekly routine worship schedule for the local nursing homes. It’s been an absolute blessing to make connections with the residents and staff. This area and these churches are excited about growing in faith and we've seen young families come in from all over to join our congregations. In only a few years, God has completely shattered my expectations of how fast that a church can grow. I'm a better pastor and man because of the encouraging relationships that have been formed here.


Outside of the church, I've always found something to keep me busy. Milking cows, baling hay and harvesting corn are things that I enjoy helping with. They also serve as gentle reminders of why I left the farm in the first place! I've been a milk hauler for seven years and recently started driving routes in a school bus. I enjoy finding ways to be involved in the community.  Living on the Mississippi has gotten me hooked on boating and fishing. I'm an avid sports fan. I love all things Wisconsin Badgers. Our honeymoon trip included traveling to Philadelphia to watch my Eagles. I love listening to baseball games on the radio as well.


My wife Alyssa grew up in Lodi, WI. She went to school at UW Lacrosse and she's currently finishing up her master's degree in occupational therapy. Right now, she works as a recreational therapist assistant in a retirement community. On top of her already full schedule, she is more than willing to help with the church activities. She's got a big heart and is mostly the reason that I stay somewhat organized. We dated for a few years and this month we are going into our third year of marriage.


I look forward to meeting this congregation. We are very excited to be coming here and the ministry that lies ahead.